Our Project Management and Core Services Team will be conducting a Deployment to Ivrnet Quick Call Service.

The following are a list of upgrades that will be deployed and available for use as of May 9th, 2018

1 - Auto Redial is no longer limited to just a 2nd redial option, but multiple re-dials capabilities (up to 9) on busy, no answer phone calls.

2 - Auto Redials - when setting up your auto redials, please make sure you have enough time for all calls - as the redials will happen 60 minutes after the initial call - this will provide better possibilities to connect with a phone number - this will work great for smaller campaigns.

3.  Import Feature - Where you can import more than one column - such as a customer id column with the phoneno column - which will them show up in the detailed report, busy no answer report and if the option is setup, optout report.

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to the Ivrnet Client Services Team at help@ivrnet.com