Below are a list of Website Requirements for your Kixpay/Elavon Account Approval.

All of these items MUST appear on the organization's website - outside of the secure area.

URL Requirements – These 9 elements are required on all new Internet Merchant account applications. 

  •  DBA name appears prominently on the website. The product being sold should correlate with the DBA name. 
  •  Customer Service telephone number or email address is clearly posted. 
  •  Return/Refund policy is clearly stated. 
  •  Delivery Method and Timing are clearly stated. 
  •  Customer’s Privacy Statement is included. 
  •  The product or service offered for sale is clearly described and the price of product or service. 
  •  Domain registered to merchant 
  •  Displaying the address of customer's permanent establishment (personal residence-only city, state, province or country) 
  •  Policy for multiple shipments (if applicable) 

ADDITIONAL ITEMS - these Items fall under Ivrnet's Software and Ivrnet provides this information to Kixpay directly.

Secure Order Page

 - Page where credit card information is entered must be secure (the “lock box”  can be located in the right hand corner of the web site). 

The Customer Certificate

 ** can be viewed from the secured web site (click on the “lock box” and  the certificate will appear). 

The certificate should include the following:

• Certificate Issuer

• Certificate must be trusted (if the text indicates root certificate cannot be trusted, the certificate is not  valid) 

• Certificate Expiration Date