Ivrnet Technical Support Ticketing System -Maintenance December 25th, 2017

Ivrnet's Support Ticketing System will be undergoing annual maintenance on Dec 25th from 19:30 hrs to 21:30 Hrs GMT.  The support portall will not be accessable at this time. If you have submitted a ticket, please note that it will be queued and received by Ivrnet once the maintenance window has passed.  Please do not submit more than one ticket.  We will respond to your tickets as soon as we can, during business hours.

Thank you -
Ivrnet Client Services Manager


If you are still experiencing issues with your service and there are no Service Alerts or Scheduled Maintenance scheduled, please reach out to the Ivrnet Customer Care Team with the following information so that we can investigate your issue for you.

Email - help@ivrnet.com

Include - the service that is being affected, your organization's name, what steps that you took, that resulted in the issue.

Thank you

Ivrnet Customer Care Tea30 pmp MT