Quick Call:


Allows for automated calls to be sent out simply by uploading an excel sheet.

Excel sheet must be in the proper format (column one must be labelled as “phone no.” and below must be all of the phone numbers they wish to call. Column 2 must be labelled as “name” and below that include all of the names associated with each phone number. The remaining columns are open and do not really matter to us. However someone could put an address column for their own tracking purposes.

Quick Calls can be scheduled for a particular date/time directly in the web portal. They will have a drop down calendar which lets them choose the date.
Caller ID for the calls can be anything… however new CRTC rules state, that it cannot be a fake number, and it must ring back to a live service (in this case you would want to have Caller ID as the dental office phone number).

Recordings can be made by the client, or if they wish they can pay an additional fee for us to use one of our voice talents. Costs vary but typically you can expect around $100 per script.

Once the calls have been made they will have access to a report which tells them how many live answers they received, how many voicemails were left, and also how many numbers were either not in service, faxes, or rang busy.

Once the callouts are made, they can also hit rerun to call only those that were listed as busy/no answer.


It’s actually a really simple service to use.